Mason City To Hold Saturday Morning Forum For $32 Million In Ballot Measures

Oct 6, 2017

A forum is scheduled for Saturday morning at Mason City High School to discuss two measures on its November ballot that total up to $32 million in bonds that would support several development projects.

The first ballot question approves an $18 million deal to convert a vacant J.C. Penny store at the Southbridge Mall into an arena for ice hockey and other events. The second measure, concerning up to $14 million in bonds, allows the city to undertake several downtown projects. They include the renovation of the Music Man Square Complex into a convention center, a new Music Man museum, and a hotel development incentive package.  

City Administrator Brent Trout says when people go to vote they should not worry about an increase in property taxes.

"We’re utilizing the new tax base that’s being created by each of these projects in order to pay for the projects themselves," he explains. "It will take a little over 20 years to get that done, but in the end they’ll have an opportunity to utilize these new, nice facilities without having to see an increase in their property taxes." 

Trout says these projects will improve the quality of life in Mason City , which will make the community more attractive to current and potential residents. 

For either of these measures to pass, each must win 60 percent of the vote.