Linn County Forms Committee To Study Minimum Wage

Mar 14, 2016

Linn County’s Supervisors are considering possibly raising the minimum wage in the region including Iowa’s second largest city, and have formed a study committee. Supervisors’ Chairman Ben Rogers says Linn County will thoroughly study increasing the Cedar Rapids area minimum wage.

“Many of us feel, like providers and community groups, felt that Johnson County rushed their discussion and implementation of the minimum wage,” he says.

Linn’s study committee includes small and large businesses, and hasn’t met yet.  Rogers says it could even recommend wage increase exemptions.

“So if a company is a certain size, or they only make a certain revenue, they could be exempt,” he says.  “So this is to have an open, honest, thoughtful, deliberative discussion so that we do understand how this impacts on a positive and potentially negative level for those in the community.”

Rogers emphasizes the Committee’s meetings will be public.  He expects it’ll take at least two months to get a recommendation for Supervisors’ action.