Linn County Commits to Goals of Paris Climate Accord

Jul 17, 2017

The Linn County Board of Supervisors says it will honor the goals of the Paris climate agreement, even though President Donald Trump announced the United States will exit the agreement.

The supervisors voted unanimously Monday to approve a resolution to commit to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and sustainability.

Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker says the board recognizes international cooperation is necessary in addressing a changing climate.

"We are dismayed at the decision of President Trump to withdraw the United States from participating in the Paris climate agreement, though we are not defeated," Walker says. "Leadership on the tough issues can originate at the local level." 

Des Moines, Iowa City, Johnson County, and Fairfield have also joined the We Are Still In campaign, along with more than a thousand local governments, universities, and businesses throughout the country. 

Iowa Senate Minority Leader Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids says he hopes this action moves Linn County to the forefront of communities, states, and countries uniting to address climate change. 

"It occurs to me that this action truly makes Linn County a destination for people across this country and around the world who want to help us build the prosperous and sustainable future that is in our grasp," Hogg says. 

Representatives from Linn County, the state legislature, a climate change organization, and Quaker Oats expressed support for the resolution and the county’s sustainability efforts.