A Lesson in Myrmecology: Let's Talk About Ants

Jun 17, 2016

As the summer settles in, the bugs come out, and that includes ants. Iowa State University Extension entomologist Donald Lewis says there are more than 700 species living in Iowa. 

"If you combined all the ants of the world they would weigh about as much as the combined weight of all the humans," Lewis said. 

There are approximately 8,800 different known species that cover the terrestrial surface of the earth, Lewis says, but you need not worry that 8,800 different kinds of ants live in your backyard, as the majority of species live in limited areas of the tropics.

Lewis gives advice on how to handle ant infestations inside and outside of your own home, and callers share their favorite ant-themed-poems and jokes.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa Charity Nebbe talks ants and their importance with entomologist Donald Lewis. ISU Extension Horticulturist, Richard Jauron, and District Forrester with DNR, Mark Vitosh, also join the conversation and answer listener questions.