Leath: ISU Not Interested in Expanding Alcohol Sales at Sporting Events

Jul 25, 2016

Some state lawmakers are saying they’d like to see Iowa’s three state universities consider expanding alcohol sales at sporting events. One of them is State Senator Brian Schoejahn, who chairs the senate’s higher education committee. He says the matter should at least be studied.  But, Iowa State University President Steven Leath says he has zero interest in expanding sales beyond the few private areas where drinking is currently allowed. 

"We have limited alcohol sales at football games right now in some private areas. We have no immediate plans or even interest in expanding that at this point," says Leath. 

Leath also says that any decisions about alcohol at sporting events will be made by University officials and the Board of Regents without the legislature’s involvement.

During this half hour of River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks with Leath about the tuition increase happening for this fall, a new campus safety initiative and a controversy over land Leath has recently purchased.