Lawmakers Still at Odds over Budget, Eminent Domain Debate

May 4, 2015

Iowa Capitol.
Credit Photo by John Pemble


Legislators remain at odds over the main function of the Iowa General Assembly -- coming up with a state spending plan. For example, the two parties have been wrangling since January over how much state aid to forward to Iowa's public schools for the school year that begins in August

"I’m wearing a pink tie today in solidarity with children and families of the state of Iowa who are going to have more crowded, more kids will fall thru the cracks and more programs are going to be dropped," Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D - Council Bluffs) says in a press conference on Friday. "In a few years we’ll wonder why we slipped from first in the nation in terms of high school graduation rates from first in the nation in terms of high school graduation rates."

“We’ve told you guys for months we’re going to have to make reductions in other budget areas," House Speaker Kraig Paulsen (R- Hiawatha) says at a Friday press confrence. "We just did that today with administrative administration regulation budget in order to fulfill that promise we’ve made to schools."

Clay Masters talks with Statehouse Correspondent Joyce Russell about this issue and others before the legislature.