The Last Time the Hawks Went Undefeated? 1922

Dec 3, 2015

Iowa Football hasn’t had an undefeated regular season since 1922… until now. Columnist Mike Hlas, who writes for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, says that the world of college football is drastically different today than it was then.

“I mean, Iowa played a game at Yale back then, and it was considered one of the best match-ups of the entire college football season. Yale and Princeton used to be national powers, which is kind of funny to people now because they’re not even playing what is called major college football. They are playing non-scholarship football out there, but back then, they were kingpins.”

During this River to River segment, host Ben Kieffer talks with Mike Hlas about the Hawkeye’s 12-0 season and takes a look ahead to the game this weekend against Michigan State in Indianapolis.

Iowa State has also hired a new coach, less than two weeks after firing former head coach Paul Rhoades. We get an update on that as well.

During the first half of this show, Kieffer talks with University of Northern Iowa political science professor Donna Hoffman about reaction to the shootings in California yesterday, and we hear an interview with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.