King Says He'd Add To Trump's Border Wall

Aug 11, 2016

Republican Congressman Steve King says he does not have any qualms with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border. He says he’d go even further. King made his comments before a crowd at the Des Moines Register soapbox on the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.

“The most effective way we can do that is build a wall on the southern border,” King said. “I’d add to that. First build a fence near the border. Then go up about 100 feet build a wall. Then go another 100 feet and a fence. Then you end up with two no-man’s lands there that you can enforce the law easily within and patrol and put the censors on there.”

King also says he agrees with Trump’s statements that the terrorist group known as ISIS cannot be defeated only by airstrikes.

“We have to defeat the ideology of radical Islamic jihad,” King said.  “That’s going to take cyber warfare, financial warfare, educational warfare to stop the intergenerational transfer of hatred that they have. Building alliances with the moderate countries in the middle east like Egypt.”

King says he plans to vote for Trump but has not spoken with him personally in a month. King’s opponent in the fourth district is Democrat Kim Weaver, who is scheduled to speak at the fair on Aug. 20.  Neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton have confirmed appearances at the fair yet, but last year while they both made State Fair appearances, both opted out of a turn on the soapbox.