Java Blend's Exclusive Hour with Bob & Kristie Black and Banjoy

Jan 25, 2017

In the first Java Blend performance of the season, bluegrass legend Bob Black will be joined by Kristie Black and Banjoy on Friday, January 27 at  2 p.m. in The Java House in downtown Iowa City. 

Stop by (for free!) and join host Ben Kieffer to hear the group seamlessly juggle their technical prowess, impressive vocal harmonies, and clever songwriting. 

Banjoy is a bluegrass band with a unique and personal style. Relaxed and friendly on stage, Banjoy plays everything from classic bluegrass and gospel songs to originals and lively instrumentals. Harmony singing is an important part of Banjoy’s repertoire, and the top-notch instrumental talents of the group are well-known and respected throughout the Midwest and beyond.