Java Blend Presents Extravision

Mar 30, 2017

Des Moines psych folk act Extravision- comprised solely of singer-songwriter Ryan Stier- will perform on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend" this Friday, March 31 at The Java House in downtown Iowa City. 

Stop by at 2 P.M. to catch a free hour of music from one of Iowa's most intriguing songwriters, as well as some chat with Studio One host Ben Kieffer. 

Extravision is alt-folk music made in the name of existentialism, spiritualism, agnosticism, human curiosity and the thirst for learning, the love between friends, the love between strangers, the love between enemies, the mysterious journey of the temporary human, the gift of death and each day leading up to it

Ryan Stier is a songwriter from Des Moines, IA. His current music project, Extravision, is a collection of psychedelic folk and rock songs primary written with a 12-string guitar. Extravision is set to release its debut full-band album in fall of 2017. Ryan is also a songwriter in The River Monks.