Java Blend LIVE Event: Dwelling Fruit

May 5, 2013

Credit Skye Carrasco

 On Friday, May 10th at 2 PM at Iowa City's downtown Java House, IPR Studio One's Ben Kieffer will host a special hour of "Java Blend" with Dwelling Fruit.

Ben Kieffer will chat with Skye and her band to find out more about their career, and the band will also perform a live 50-minute set. This program is free and open to the public! 

Dwelling Fruit is collaborative sound collage, improvised music-making that happens at any given time of any given day, it is the unknown and the known, and why, for what and for who? We do not know. Longing opens the unstruck sound, and so she would sink into herself and forget everything, listening only to the wind in the trees and the voice of the river inside of herself which drew her away into prairie and dark melodies, black cherry dreams of constancy where all the sounds were like her mother's voice, and the thousands of eyes were her mother's eyes.