Java Blend Exclusive Hour with Tiff Jimber

Mar 19, 2014

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host, Ben Kieffer will chat with Santa Monica based pop-rocker,  Tiff Jimber.

Listen to and download the podcast to find out more about her and her recent U.S. tour.

This is not your average piano girl. Singer Songwriter, Tiff Jimber holds nothing back when she plays, smashing out rhythms and dancing on her toes. Consistently compared to Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds, this lady showcases her diverse jazz and classical training in catchy pop songs conjured up by her influences, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Nina Simone, and Adele.  

Her first album was nominated for AAA album of the year by The Los Angeles Music Awards and she has been awarded the ASCAP Plus Award 2011, 2010, and 2009.  Her song "City Life," received honorable mention from Billboard and placed in the Australian Songwriting Contest.

This program will be broadcast Saturday, March 22 at 2 PM on IPR Studio One. Stay tuned for more Java Blend!