Java Blend Exclusive Hour With In Rooms

Oct 6, 2014

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host, Ben Kieffer will chat with In Rooms.

Download the podcast to find out more about the Latin America-influenced indie band.

In Rooms is an indie-pop band out of Des Moines, IA that incorporates influences from Latin American genres such as MPB, samba, and cumbia resulting in an intriguing mix of rhythms and sounds. The band was formed in 2011 with husband and wife duo Nick and Heather Leo making recordings to tape in their home and has since evolved to include more members and a more full and diverse sound.

Their first album, “The Night Has Come,” was released in August 2013, and they are currently working on recording a full length album with an anticipated fall 2014 release.The breezy, cool tunes of In Rooms will take you on a calm vacation to a tropical land causing you to relax and maybe even dance a little.