Java Blend Broadcast: Ryne Doughty 11/23

Aug 11, 2013

Tune in for a special broadcast featuring local artist Ryne Doughty!
Credit Ryne Doughty

  This Saturday, Nov. 23, at 2 PM, we'll broadcast a recent performance by Ryne Doughty on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend."

Ben Kieffer will chat with the artist throughout the broadcast to find out more about his new album Under the Willow Tree

Ryne Doughty is a folk-roots musician out of Des Moines, IA, whose music is deeply rooted in real life stories of love, loss, work, and play. His stripped down, earthy sound is directly influenced by the small, rural town where he was born and raised. The hard-working, simple living, and friendly way of life of the Midwest shines through his music that is understated yet complex and rich with beauty and realness.