Java Blend Broadcast: Love Over Gold 12/21

Aug 15, 2013

This Saturday, Dec. 21, at 2 PM, we'll broadcast a recent performance by Love Over Gold on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend."

Ben Kieffer will chat with founding members Lucy Thorne and Pieta Brown throughout the broadcast to find out more about their new band.

Hushed harmonies merge with lush guitars to define the striking sound of recently formed international duo, Love Over Gold. Singer-songwriters Pieta Brown (U.S.) and Lucie Thorne (Australia) are both artists recognized for their distinctive vocal stylings and poetic sensibilities, and together, as Love Over Gold the blend of their contrasting styles takes on a vivid life of its own.

Their latest album was recorded in Pieta’s home town in Iowa. It traverses the open expanses of both continents to a place where voices, guitars and poetry meet.  With spacious electric hues and driving acoustics, this new collaboration brims with an effortless natural beauty.