Java Blend Broadcast: The Future Laureates 11/30

Aug 12, 2013

This Saturday, Nov. 30, at 2 PM, we'll broadcast a recent performance by The Future Laureates on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend."

Ben Kieffer will chat with the group throughout the broadcast to find out more about their new EP Everything at Once.

The three-man group from Chicago have gathered up a surplus of appearances over the last year. Making their mark on the SXSW and Summerfest in 2012, The Future Laureates are becoming a household name in the indie-pop scene -- reaching over 100 college radio stations. 

Their music embodies "the pure sunshine of radio-ready pop that comes through in every millisecond. Soaring harmonies glide through serious matters of the head and heart, along with major jamming by guitar, bass, drums–and ukulele."