Java Blend Broadcast: Briar Rabbit 10/12

Aug 5, 2013

You won't want to miss American Songwriter featured artist Briar Rabbit this Saturday on IPR!
Credit Cynthia Hunt and James Green

This Saturday, Oct. 12, at 2 PM, we'll broadcast a recent performance by Briar Rabbit on "Java Blend."

Ben Kieffer will chat with Briar throughout the broadcast to find out more about making his first album with a producer, From Your Bones

Briar Rabbit, a.k.a Philip Michael Scales, recently featured in American Songwriter magazine, is as witty in his lyrics as he is on stage. With his unique blend of "thought pop," Briar creates a conversation with his listeners that encourages them to think about his lyrics and the message they send. 

Described in The American Songwriter magazine as a "modern storyteller/crooner," Briar Rabbit joined the folk-pop scene with albums, The Company You Keep and The Great Routine in Feb. 2011. While his “thought-pop” is captivating, Briar Rabbit wants listeners to really respond to the lyrics which he carefully crafts like a story, just as his namesake would insinuate.