Iowans Urged to Ask Candidates to Think Globally

Jul 16, 2015

For nearly four decades, Ryan Crocker served as ambassador in nearly all the Middle East countries where conflict was present, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

On this edition of River to River, Ambassador Crocker shares his perspective on the Iranian nuclear deal with host Ben Kieffer.

“It could reshape the nuclear scene globally for some time to come,” Crocker says. “That said, no one should think we are moving on to a sun dappled upland in the Middle East.”

They also discuss Iraq, Afghanistan, the fight against ISIS, and what role Iowans can play ahead of the caucuses.

“I would hope that the voters in Iowa will make American national security very much a theme in the campaigns and caucuses…for Iowans to force candidates to think and speak about what America’s national security interests and strategic interests are in the world.”

Crocker would like to see Iowans ask the following: "How do the candidates see America’s place in the world? What opportunities and what dangers do they see? If elected, what would they do to ensure that American security is safeguarded in an increasingly chaotic world?"