5:30 am
Thu May 2, 2013

Iowans on Medicaid Part 4

Rachel Fredericksen and her son Gage sit in their car outside her son Shawn's elementary school in Clinton on April 5, 2013.
Credit Clay Masters / IPR
Rachel Fredericksen is a volunteer with Americorps. She lives on a stipend that covers the cost of living and she's on Medicaid. The program gives her peace of mind that she and her two sons are covered while she starts her career in the non-profit sector.

There’s a showdown of sorts between Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad and the Democratic-controlled Senate over expanding Medicaid. Under federal law all states have to decide whether or not they’ll extend enrollment in the joint state and federal healthcare program for the poor. The legislature’s 110-day session is set to end  Friday, but the dispute over Medicaid is one of the issues that’s likely to keep lawmakers from going home. For the last few months IPR Statehouse Correspondent Clay Masters has been talking to Iowans who receive Medicaid services to get their input on the debate. As we hear in Clay’s final installment of the series we’ve been calling “Iowans on Medicaid.”