Iowans on Medicaid Part 2

Apr 30, 2013

Ginger Klingenberg has lunch with her son, Andy at the Johanson Cafe & Pizzeria in Armstrong, IA on March 19, 2013.
Credit Clay Masters / IPR


Under the Affordable Care Act states have to decide whether or not they’ll expand Medicaid. Here in Iowa, Democrats who control the Senate want to take the Medicaid expansion and that puts them at odds with Republican Governor Terry Branstad who favors his own plan that relies less on the federal government. The showdown will likely contribute to a delayed adjournment for lawmakers.   IPR Statehouse Correspondent Clay Masters spent time over the last few months away from the politics talking with those who receive services from the joint federal-state healthcare program for low income people in a weeklong series we’re calling “Iowans on Medicaid.”