Iowan says he owes his life to Medal of Honor Recepient

May 16, 2014

 Former Army Spec. Kain Schilling says he owes his life to his friend and comrade former Army Sergeant Kyle White, “I could never repay him. We’re good friends... He knows I’m extremely thankful and that my family is eternally grateful.”

Schilling lives in Palo, Iowa and attended a White House ceremony earlier this week where his friend and was awarded the United States Military’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor. He talks with host Ben Kieffer about an ambush in Afghanistan in 2007 by Taliban forces when White saved his life and the lives of several others in their unit.

Then, Georgina Dodge, who serves as the University of Iowa’s Chief Diversity Officer, joins the show. She is a veteran of the United States Navy and tells host Ben Kieffer about a new program to help veterans adjust to student life after serving in the military at the University of Iowa.