Iowa House Revives NRA-Backed Bill

Apr 2, 2015

Republicans in the Iowa House Wednesday revived wide-ranging firearms legislation, agreeing to some demands from Senate Democrats.  

Senate Democrats argued an earlier bill threatened public safety.  

The GOP agreed to drop a proposal to eliminate the three day waiting period to purchase a handgun.  

Earlier this week the differences between the House and Senate seemed insurmountable.   Democrats wanted to preserve the required permit to acquire a handgun including a three day waiting period and mandatory background checks.   

 But on Wednesday, by a wide margin, the House Judiciary committee approved a new version of the bill.   Missouri Valley Republican Matt Windschitl says the new bill addresses the Senate’s chief concerns.   The compromise preserves the required permit to acquire a handgun.   And it keeps private the names of those who hold permits to carry a weapon, but with some exceptions.   

The House bill still includes allowing children of any age to handle handguns with adult supervision.    

The gun bill is revived in time for the legislature’s self-imposed deadline this week.     

The Senate’s chief manager Democrat Steve Sodders says it appears the House is moving in the right direction.   So far the Senate and House have agreed only to legalize gun suppressors.