Iowa Arts Showcase Today, 11AM & 5PM

Aug 2, 2013

Join host Jacqueline Halbloom for August's "Iowa Arts Showcase." She speaks to Brooke Joyce, composer-in-residence at Luther College, about the new outdoor installation/symphony "Talking Trees," which he and Harvey Sollberger created from the sounds of birds chirping, frogs croaking, and the wind in the grass. Jacqueline also speaks with Mark North and Sara Compton of ISU's Stephens Auditorium about their 2013-14 season (which includes Bill Cosby, Wynton Marsalis, five Broadway musicals, and more), and conductor Jason Weinberger of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony about their just-announced forthcoming season. Opening the show are Katie Wengert and David Baum of the Salisbury House in Des Moines, to tell us about the Salisbury Concours d’Elegance: A Celebration of the Art and Design of the Automobile, a celebration of classic motor vehicles.

Some of the classic cars on display at the Salisbury Concours d'Elegance in Des Moines
Credit Geoffrey Hacker