Immigration Protesters During Jindal and Christie Speeches

Aug 22, 2015

Immigration was a hot topic Saturday at the Iowa State Fair during Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie's time at the Political Soapbox.  Protesters often interrupted during their speeches.

As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal speaks, a group of 25 protesters chant while holding a sign saying "citizenship now."  The Republican presidential candidate says their activism is financed by big business interests.

"They can send them on as many junkets as they want, they can try to interrupt as many speeches as they want, they can buy as many t-shirts as they want… it is time to stand up to big business and say we’re taking our country back."

Jindal says the U.S. has a dumb immigration policy and it makes the country weaker.  

The protesters were also at the stage an hour earlier during New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s speech. He says citizenship should be denied to anyone who has entered the U.S. illegally.

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie talks about immigration during his speech at the Political Soapbox. Christie says if someone immigrates to the U.S. illegally, they should never be able to achieve citizenship.
Credit John Pemble / IPR

"We don’t want people to be rewarded for knowing illegal conduct.  It doesn’t make any sense for that. You’re just encouraging that conduct even more. So, that’s what I would do as president and we would work, and we would work to make sure the folks that are here are treated fairly."

Christie says businesses that hire illegal immigrants should be fined double their company profits.