How Plants Multiply and Spread Through Your Yard

Mar 10, 2017

Mid-March is approaching, which means the growing season is getting close. During this hour of Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe discusses with guests about how plants multiply. 

Linda Naeve, who works with Iowa State University Extension, explains different ways plants are spread.

“In nature seed is dispersed by the wind, like when dandelion seeds blow into your yard from neighboring areas. Or things get stuck to animal fur and it gets moved that way. Seeds disperse naturally across our landscape and environment and sometimes we see these little seedlings pop up," she says. 

Naeve also gives some suggestions on how to control such an unwanted plant.

“If it’s really a serious problem, it may resort to a herbicide to control it. You can dig it, you can remove it, but it does take a lot of work and you really must be persistent in a small space.”

On today’s Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe is joined by Naeve and Iowa State University Extension Horticulture Specialist Richard Jauron. They discuss gardening tips and answer listener questions.