How to Make a Hovercraft in Five Days

Jun 19, 2015

This summer at camps across Iowa, some kids are exploring the outdoors, some kids are crafting art projects, and some kids are designing hovercraft.

At the University of Iowa's Belin Blank Center, a group of preteens are working with Mark Ginsberg of M.C. Ginsberg Objects of Art to make working hovercrafts with Computer Aided Design and 3-D printing. Ginsberg says this is the first step towards the technology of the future.

"It's a new world. Imagine these people will be designing homes, if they become architects, that are smart enough to know when the dishwasher breaks in the garage it'll be printing a new part for the dishwasher and instructing you how to replace it. Or a refrigerator or a curtain rod: everything will be fixable at the time that it breaks inside of a home."

In this News Buzz edition, host Ben Kieffer talks with students and instructors at the camp. Also in the hour,  a debrief on the Iowa Supreme Court ruling over telemed abortions, a discussion of Rachel Dolezal and the Charleston shooting, a recap of the College World Series, and a debunking of the "French Fry Hypothesis."