Home Improvement Day: What We Love About Our Homes

Feb 14, 2017

Not every home improvement project turns out the way you imagined, but every once in a while you can make a change that accomplishes exactly what you want and becomes one of your favorite things.   This hour on Talk of Iowa, it's our monthly program with home improvement expert Bill McAnally of Fort Dodge.  Bill spends some time reminiscing this Valentine's Day about some of the projects that he's still proud of and our listeners tell us some of the things they most love about their homes.

One bit of advice from Bill today: Don't be afraid to walk (or crawl) through your attic or crawl space, because you might be surprised to discover what's up there (maybe a gap where heat is escaping?).  And again this time, all of us at the Iowa Public Radio studio were impressed with Bill's rescue German Shepherd, "George," who sat patiently and quietly in the studio for the entire hour!  His reward: Lots of petting and scritching from big admirers like IPR's Emily Woodbury, Dennis Reese, Ben Kieffer and of course animal-lover Charity herself!