Herrera, Weill & Black History Month on IAS

Feb 7, 2014

Join Jacqueline Halbloom at 5PM as Iowa Arts Showcase finds out about the Tallcorn Jazz Festival, a Kurt Weill show with poetry by Langston Hughes, and more.  We'll hear about the festival from a headliner, Cuban pianist Nachito Herrera, and from Chris Merz, UNI's Director of Jazz Studies. Celeste Bembry of UNI (who toured worldwide with the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers) fills us in on Black History Month, and Bernard McDonald of Simpson tells us about their upcoming production of Weill's Street Scene. Also, Michael Eckert tells us about the upcoming Iowa Composer Forum’s Winter Festival.

Cuban jazz pianist Nachito Herrera, who will appear at the UNI's Tallcorn Jazz Festival.
Credit Heartland Concert Artists