Healthy Holiday Eating Habits

Nov 24, 2016

The delicious foods of the holiday season can wreck havoc on a person's health.

One or two days of over indulgence isn’t going to ruin anyone. But beginning with Halloween candy, and then going to Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas cookies, cocktails on New Year’s Eve and then Super Bowl Sunday, and all the merriment in-between, a person can consume an astonishing number of calories this time of year.

"When you have multiple bits of every single thing, then it just kind of adds on," says dietitian Diane McIlhon of Mercy Medical Center. "Often time we say 'Oh forget. I’m just not going to worry about anything, and I’m going to go for it.' That kind of mentality I think is what get us into trouble."

McIlhon recommends people consider some healthy eating strategies like eating off a small plate at parties, choosing certain foods to avoid, or being aware of portion sizes. Successful strategies differ from person to person, but she advises to not skip breakfast.