Harvest Proving Plentiful Across Iowa

Oct 19, 2015

Some of Iowa's farmers are crediting optimal growing weather into harvest season for a plentiful bounty this fall. Wayne Johnson, who farms near Forest City, says his yield this year could be a once in a lifetime event. 

"We had five farms go over 70 [bushels per acre]. Our typical is in the 50 to 55 bushel range, so it's a lifetime soybean harvest for us," he says. 

According to Iowa State University Extension Agronomist Mark Licht, Johnson is not alone. 

"If we get into Northwest Iowa, that's kind of the sweet spot on the soybean yields. Its really common to hear 60 bushels per acre on the soybean yields. It's not that uncommon to hear whole fields averaging 70-75 bushels per acre," Licht says. 

Licht compares that to the southern part of the state where farmers are averaging 35 to 40 bushels per acre for soybeans. 

Agronomists are also predicting an encouraging yield for corn this year as well. During this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Licht and Johnson. Hancock based CSA operator Tyler Magnuson also joins the conversation to talk about how he's experimented with his growing season and is trying to grow food locally through the winter in cold frames. 

To end the show, Northeast Iowa Food Hub's Teresa Wiemerslag and Hans Walsh, a chef at Milk and Honey in Harlan, join the conversation to share some ideas of how to eat locally after the harvest.