Food Wasted

Feb 1, 2012

According to the EPA, more than 34 million tons of food waste ends up in landfills each year. Iowa generated nearly 3 million tons in 2010, but some Iowans are working to keep waste out of Iowa's landfills. Bakery goods that don’t get eaten or go bad, food scraps and bi-products of the food preparation process can all be recycled. In Anamosa, Endres Processing turns this waste into feed for Iowa’s livestock. We’ll hear from Brad Edwards, a manager at the plant about what goes on there and how he feeds his own cattle the processed waste in addition to traditional feed. Then in the second half hour we’ll hear from one central Iowa man who keeps day old bakery goods out of the trash by taking them directly to Iowa's homeless. Tom Anderson, a representative from Iowa’s Land Quality Bureau, also joins the conversation.