Fmr. Ambassador Stephen Rapp Talks About Possible Gas Attacks in Syria, What Happens Next

Apr 6, 2017

Former Ambassador Stephen Rapp served as United States Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice from 2009-2015. During his time in that role, he led a prosecution team to win the first convictions in history for sexual slavery and for the recruitment of child soldiers. 

Following possible sarin gas attacks in Syria earlier this week, he says a investigation is likely into Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime. 

"No one else in this theater has these weapons," Rapp says. "We didn't see the use of chemical weapons, or the attack on medical facilities or other things even during World War II. Every norm, every standard we have is being torn to shreds by this regime." 

During this River to River interview, he talks with host Ben Kieffer. He was in Iowa this week to speak at Drake University, his alma mater, in Des Moines.