Flu shot scramble

Jan 10, 2013

Reports of widespread flu on the East Coast and news anchors getting vaccinated on morning television has sent some Iowans scrambling to get a last minute flu shot. Iowa Department of Public Health medical director, Patricia Quinlisk says the state is reporting about a 4% increase in cases compared to last year. Quinlisk says although there are spot shortages, vaccine is available, “people are always trying to predict how many clients are going to come in and want a flu shot, in general, there is still plenty of vaccine out there, it may just be the one place you try is out.” She says, “there should be plenty available in the community you may have to try a couple of places but you should be able to find the flu shot.” Quinlisk has this advice, if you’re sick, stay home: don’t bring the illness to your co-workers or classmates. And she says frequent hand washing goes a long way in preventing the flu and colds from spreading.  

News anchors are getting flu shots as Americans hope to get last minute protection