A First-Time Summit on LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace

Oct 9, 2017

The state’s largest advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning residents is staging a first-time event in Des Moines. The full-day summit is aimed at workplace culture.

A scene from the Pride Parade in Iowa City
Credit One Iowa

One Iowa says the first annual gathering to be held at Principal Financial Group is designed to show employers how to improve their policies toward LGBTQ workers. The executive director of the organization, Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel, says it makes sense to focus on the office because that’s where people spend much of their time.

“When LGTBQ individuals are out and open, they are more productive, they have greater job satisfaction and they are going to stay in those jobs longer,” Hoffman-Zinnel says.

Hoffman-Zinnel says 45 percent of LGBTQ individuals are not out and open at work.

“Not always everyone will feel comfortable," he says. "But if we can help create those environments it’s going to reduce those fears and anxieties, and the LGBTQ employees are going to be more productive.”

A second Workplace Culture Summit will be held October 26th in Coralville.