Featured Release This Week From Austra

Feb 12, 2017

Toronto native Katie Stelmanis is classically trained (she began performing at the age of ten in the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus), and had been writing and performing music for several years before the band now known as Austra came into being in 2009.  Stelmanis released her debut album under her own name in 2008, then decided that a band name would be better.  In time, "Austra" was settled upon, referring not only to the mythological Latvian goddess of light, but also Stelmanis' own middle name.  Future Politics is the third full-length album from the indie synthpop group.  Katie Stelmanis has said that what's been happening in the world of politics in recent months was not an inspiration for the new record.  Instead, the lyrics grew from her reading of a couple of forward-looking books, including Inventing The Future:  Post Capitalism in a World Without Work.