"Farmer Wave Week" Celebrates a Friendly Highway Gesture

Nov 14, 2014

Most driver-to-driver hand gestures are decidedly unwelcome. But riding along a rural road in Iowa, you might encounter a friendly one--the farmer wave.

Todd Collins, program director at KIX 101.1 in Marshalltown and originator of the idea, explains this is the small motion of lifting a few fingers off the wheel as a gesture of friendship to the opposing driver. Shortly after Collins pitched it to newly re-elected Governor Branstad, this week was officially proclaimed Farmer Wave Week. 

And if you accidentally forget to wave back? There's a path of recourse. 

“It's the 'Oops, I missed you' wave. You stick your hand up high in the back window so the person can look in their rearview mirror and can see that you actually did wave. I've been guilty of that numerous times but it's always good to try to catch them though, shows that you're not being rude."