Efforts Towards Bolstering Cybersecurity in Iowa and the U.S.

May 13, 2016

After high-profile hacks in the private sector and an embarrassing theft of information from government personnel files, President Barack Obama set up a commission on enhancing national cybersecurity. The commission is due to make its long term recommendations by early December on tightening cybersecurity in the private sector and in the government. It's part of Obama's $19 billion proposal to boost defenses against hackers. 

Last December, Governor Terry Branstad issued an executive order charging Iowa's government to come up with a system to help local companies prepare for cyberattacks and lay out contingencies that the state will take in the event of a significant attack.

During this River to River segment, Ben Kieffer talks about the efforts toward strengthening U.S. cybersecurity with expert Adam Bobrow. Bobrow is  the president & CEO of Foresight Resilience Strategies in Washington D.C., and he served the Obama Administration in a variety of positions, most recently as the international lead for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.