Donald Trump Strategy: "Double Down" on Base Group of Supporters

Oct 12, 2016

"The shackles have been taken off me, and I can now fight for America the way I want to,"  Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday. In an O'Reilly Factor interview, Trump also said he doesn't need establishment support to win the election.

“He really kind of does in a way because what he has done in the debate for example, and now his comments about the establishment… doubles down on his base, and that’s a strategy that he’s apparently OK with, but he doesn't have enough of a base to actually win the general election," says Donna Hoffman, political analyst at the University of Northern Iowa.

"It’s those people who are on the fence, who maybe are supporting Trump but aren’t wild about him, that he has to worry about alienating because he needs those people if he’s going to get to the White House. He can’t get to the White House just by boosting up his base."

On this politics day edition of River to River, Ben Kieffer talks with Hoffman as well as Dave Andersen of Iowa State University, as they discuss the prospect of a full on civil war in the Republican Party. They also talk about the worries of vulnerable GOP lawmakers and the threat to Republicans’ hold on Congress.