The Digital Challenge for Iowa's Theaters

Apr 17, 2012

Iowa's theaters are facing a major challenge: in about a year's time, every theater across the nation must convert to digital cinema, making the old film projectors obsolete and replacing them with expensive new technology.  The cost is especially problematic for the state's smaller theaters, which operate on a much smaller profit margin.  Today, we find out how a number of theater owners are coping and whether some movie house may have to close their doors.  Guests are IPR's Dean Borg, who has reported on the story; Diane Prichard, owner of the DeWitt Opera House Theatre; Jeff Eisentraut, founder and owner of the Eisentraut Theatres in Iowa and Illinois; Jerry Sheehy, operator of the Bijou Theatre in Mt. Vernon; and Scott Helgesen, who runs the Mills Theatre in Lake Mills.