Cy-Ride Driver Pleads Guilty To A Lesser Charge In Ames Fatality

Aug 1, 2016

The Ames Cy-Ride bus driver who had been accused of hit-and-run in the death of an Iowa State University student is pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Twenty-three year old Benjamin Clague of Gilbert is admitting he failed to report an accident.  That’s a simple misdemeanor.

Prosecution and defense attorneys are agreeing to recommend a 30-day jail sentence and a one-hundred-dollar fine.

Clague was driving a Cy-Ride bus just after seven o’clock in the morning last December 14th, and was making a left turn during a heavy rain storm when the bus apparently struck Emmalee Jacobs, an ISU student from Urbana, Iowa.

She was killed in the accident.

Clague was arrested several days after accident.

The hit-and-run charges were amended after a district court judge ruled that the state must prove that Claque knew he had struck a person, and state officials feared they could not document the felony charge.

The trail was set to begin tomorrow, but a sentencing hearing on the reduced charge is now set for Friday.