Cracked Concrete in Your Driveway?

Aug 9, 2017

Is your sidewalk a hazard? Has your driveway seen better days? Cracks in concrete happen over time, and they're sometimes difficult to troubleshoot, especially if the problem is due to a tree root or uneven ground. 

During this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with home improvement expert Bill McAnally about concrete, asphalt and other paving solutions for your driveway, sidewalk, patio or paving project. 

McAnally says that it's important to think about how paving connects to stairs, as tripping hazards are a real problem for some people when they try to fix cracks. 

"A lot of times what people don’t look at is that when our sidewalks and driveways butt up against the house, they lead to steps. If you step off your steps and you are going nine inches instead of seven, or five instead of seven, you’re going to either jar your back or trip. You may get used to it, but visitors might not. You have to think, 'What will this affect?'" 

McAnally also answers listener questions during the show.