Cowboy Church

Jun 1, 2014

  A musical group from Northeast Iowa has found a way to combine their love of the Old West with their faith and they’re sharing it with others. It’s called Cowboy Church. Jim Gates and Jim Meyer of Shell Rock are involved in what’s called cowboy mounted shooting where participants ride their horses as fast as they can and shoot balloons with .45 caliber revolvers.  Because competitions are held on the weekends, that kept them away from church, so the two formed the Double J Wranglers. Jim Meyer says there’s a line in a Western song that says,” cowboys don’t go to church where other people pray”.  He says “ it’s a very relaxed atmosphere, there’s a line in the first song we do, you can come in your fancy clothes or come as you are, we’re going to accept you.” The group has booked about a dozen appearances at various churches. Along with the songs, there’s a children’s sermon and a message for the adults delivered by Larry Wildeboer who also doubles as a member of the group, playing bass. When it’s time for the offering, instead of the traditional offering plates, they literally pass the hat, (a western straw hat of course).