Choosing and Planting a New Tree

May 29, 2015

Now that our landscape is lush and green the impulse to plant something is strong, but how do you pick the perfect tree for your landscape?

Professor and Department Chair of Agriculture at Iowa State University Jeff Iles says that it’s important to remember that planting a tree is not like planting flowers.

“You’ve got to think it out. You’ve got to take into account what’s there already, and hopefully this tree is going to be with you for a while. You’ve got to plan for what it's going to turn into,” he say.  

Iles recommends avoiding powerlines and thinking about how big a tree is going to get when it’s full grown. He also suggests picking a tree that isn’t prone to disease and pest problems.

During this hour of Talk of Iowa, Iles talks with host Charity Nebbe. DNR District Forester Mark Vitosh and ISU Extension Horticulturist Richard Jauron join the show and answer listener questions