Can I Pick It? Garden Harvest Advice

Jul 28, 2017

On this horticulture day edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with horticulturists Richard Jauron of Iowa State University Extension and Aaron Steil of Reiman Gardens.

Tomatoes are relatively easy to check for ripeness, but other garden fare can be tough, especially with underground vegetables.  

For new potatoes, Steil says that you need to wait until the tops dieback.

"Some of us are starting to see that already especially with the hot weather we've had this summer, but usually it's first part of August when potato tops start to brown and dieback."

He says to check the potato skin for firmness.

"If you can scrape it off really easily with your finger it is not quite ready yet."

Jauron and Steil also answer listeners questions about their lawn and garden.