"Argo" Rescue in Iran Remembered by Waverly Woman

Nov 14, 2012

Former Iranian hostage Kathryn Koob lives in Waverly
Credit Courtesy photo

The highly acclaimed movie “Argo” is finishing its run through Iowa theaters this week. Directed by Ben Affleck “Argo” depicts the rescue of six U.S. Embassy workers from Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis.

A Waverly woman, Kathryn Koob has a unique prospective of those events because she was one of two women who did not escape and was held by the Revolutionary Guard for 444 days.

She was released in January 1981.  She retired from the Foreign Service in 1996. She has written a book, taught numerous classes at Wartburg College and continues to do several speaking engagements a year.

Kathryn Koob has never been back to Iran.