AARP Iowa Survey Shows Strong Opposition to Proposed Changes to Medicaid

Jun 22, 2017

On the day Senate Republicans unveiled their plan to revamp the nation’s healthcare system, AARP Iowa is releasing a survey of older Iowans’ attitudes on health policy. The organization is opposed to any plan that would weaken government programs already in place.

AARP Iowa has been holding sessions across the state to ask older Iowans about changes to the healthcare system.
Credit AARP Iowa

The survey of around 600 Iowans older than 50 was conducted in response to the plan passed by the House earlier this year. The Senate version makes only modest adjustments. It makes deep cuts to Medicaid, which 79 percent of those surveyed by AARP oppose. The group’s associate state director Anthony Carroll says the federal program helps more people than just low income.

“When it comes to long-term care, nursing-home care, assisted living, home-health care, the majority of those expenses unless it’s after a limited hospital stay when Medicare pays it, Medicaid is paying those bills,” he says.

Carroll says Medicaid helps cover some very high bills.

“When you’re talking about, for instance, nursing home care, which can be more than $10,000 a month, a $100,000-$120,000 a year, that’s expensive care.”

Those surveyed by AARP are even more against cuts to Medicare. Eighty-eight percent say they oppose them, including 80 percent who identify as Republicans.