3rd District Congressional Stump Speeches Continue At State Fair

Aug 15, 2016

Democrat Jim Mowrer of Des Moines went on the offensive at the Des Moines Register’s State Fair soapbox Monday. The Iraq War Veteran is challenging Rep. David Young in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

Mowrer cited a recent failed amendment that would have prohibited federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. Young was one of several GOP lawmakers to switch their votes, defeating the measure.


“Worst of all most recently, on video he was seen being forced to switch his vote on the floor of the House of Representatives by party leaders,” says Mowrer. “David Young doesn’t have the ability to stand up to Republican leaders in Washington.”

Young says he changed his vote when he found out it did not protect religious liberties, but voted for another version of the legislation that included both groups. During his soapbox speech last Friday, the freshman representative did not mention Mowrer.

Libertarian congressional candidate Bryan Jack Holder of Council Bluffs also was on the soapbox Monday. Wearing a three-cornered, Revolutionary War-style hat, Holder told the crowd that he’s had enough with what he calls the “tyranny” of the nation’s two-party system.

“I’m 6’7”, and I’m had it up to here with the way they mismanage our county, they mismanage the economy, and I think the only way they’re going to paper over the fact that this economy is dying is by starting World War III,” says Holder.

Holder also advocates for having a greater number of congressional districts, so that each representative only has 50-thousand constituents.

Independents Claudia Addy, and Joe Grandanette are also running for congressional seat.