apples en Homegrown Apples: This Year's Bumper Crop <p>Bailey Sweet, American Mother, Chieftain, Empire...there are many thousands of different kinds of apples in the world. And this year, Iowa apple growers are harvesting bumper crops. Today on Talk of Iowa, we talk apple history, apples in Iowa, heirloom apples, and your favorites.</p><p>Host Charity Nebbe speaks with Paul Rasch, owner of Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City, Dan Bussey, orchard manager for the Seed Savers Exchange, Erika Janik, author of <em>Apple: A Global History</em>, and Patrick O’Malley, of Iowa State University Extension.</p><p></p> Mon, 09 Sep 2013 19:26:38 +0000 Charity Nebbe & Emily Woodbury 28799 at Homegrown Apples: This Year's Bumper Crop