tornadoes en When Severe Weather Strikes <p>In May of 2011, Joplin Missouri was hit by the deadliest single tornado since record keeping began in 1950.&nbsp; After that disaster, the National Weather Service evaluated their warning system and public response to it.&nbsp; That led to a more specific warning system that went into effect in Iowa on April 1.&nbsp; Today we hear from two Iowa National Weather Service meteorologists about the new “impact-based” warning system. We also listen back to our conversation last year with storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski and his firsthand account of the Joplin tornado.</p><p></p> Tue, 02 Apr 2013 18:41:36 +0000 Ben Kieffer 18601 at When Severe Weather Strikes Storm Kings <p>Tornados weren’t commonly called tornados until the early 20<sup>th</sup> century.&nbsp; Instead these violent storms were referred to as landspouts, whirlwinds or cyclones.&nbsp; Author Lee Sandlin talks to “Talk of Iowa” about his new book “Storm Kings” which details the history of a group of storm chasers from the 1800s who were instrumental in advancing the scientific understanding of tornados.</p><p></p> Thu, 21 Mar 2013 18:06:03 +0000 Dennis Reese 18014 at Storm Kings Severe Weather: Tornadoes <p>Severe weather experts from throughout the country will be at an annual Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Ankeny later this week.&nbsp; Join host Ben Kieffer as he talks with storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski who will give his firsthand account of last year&rsquo;s massive tornado in Joplin, Missouri.&nbsp; Ben also talks with Alabama TV meteorologist James Spann of ABC 33/40 in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa about his experience broadcasting severe weather coverage during a violent outbreak of storms in April of last year.&nbsp; Finally, Ben talks with National Weather Service meteorolog Tue, 27 Mar 2012 18:00:17 +0000 Ben Kieffer 18 at Severe Weather: Tornadoes