Republicans en GOP Candidates Establish Themselves in First Senate Primary Debate <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The half dozen Re</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">publican candidates in the 2014 primary race for U.S. Senate met Wednesday night in Des Moines for a debate. But as Iowa Public Radio’s Clay Masters reports it wasn’t much of a debate… more of a chance for voters to figure out who’s running.</span></p> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 10:39:00 +0000 Clay Masters 31050 at GOP Candidates Establish Themselves in First Senate Primary Debate Paul Name Could Be Asset, or Liability, for Rand Paul <p></p><p> Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says he’s considering a run for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. He headlined a fundraiser for Iowa Republicans Friday night in Cedar Rapids.</p><p>He may be picking up where his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx.), left off his 2012 campaign.</p> Sat, 11 May 2013 05:45:16 +0000 Sarah McCammon 20601 at Paul Name Could Be Asset, or Liability, for Rand Paul U. S. Senator Rand Paul and other Politics <p> Recent polls indicate freshman Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is a favorite among GOP hopefuls for the White House in 2016.&nbsp; Paul is coming to Iowa later this week to speak at the Republican Party of Iowa's "Lincoln Dinner."&nbsp; Host Ben Kieffer gets his views on immigration reform, drones, and bridging the warring factions within the GOP.&nbsp; Then, he gets analysis from Bruce Gronbeck, Emeritus Professor of Communication Studies at University of Iowa.</p><p></p> Wed, 08 May 2013 20:15:03 +0000 Katherine Perkins, Ben Kieffer & Ben Stanton 20449 at U. S. Senator Rand Paul and other Politics Adaptations of Iowa's Republicans: Grassley and King <div>Newly re-elected chair of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus says his party will have to adapt to “an era of permanent politics.”</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Host Ben Kieffer talks with Iowa Senator <a href="" target="_blank">Charles Grassley</a> and Congressman <a href="" target="_blank">Steve King</a> of Iowa’s 4<font size="1"><sup>th</sup></font> District.</div><div>We ask about their stance on the Senate's bipartisan immigration reform as well as <i>their</i> goals as Republicans and as our elected representatives, Tue, 29 Jan 2013 19:14:58 +0000 Ben Kieffer 14181 at Adaptations of Iowa's Republicans: Grassley and King Politics Day <p><span class="userContent">President Obama gave his second inaugural address this week, in which he outlined several goals for his coming term. Ben Keiffer </span>breaks down the speech and talks about which goals are politically possible with Donna Hoffman of the University of Northern Iowa and Tim Hagle of the University of Iowa.</p><p><span class="userContent">Then, discussion over the remarks made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the Senate committee hearing on Benghazi and the recent House vote to extend the debt limit.</span></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><br>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 23 Jan 2013 19:23:07 +0000 Ben Kieffer 13914 at Politics Day Republicans Regroup <p>Republicans in the Iowa House re-elected their top leadership in a closed-door meeting&nbsp; at the statehouse. &nbsp; &nbsp; They’ll return to the capitol on January 14<sup>th</sup> with a far slimmer majority following the 2012</p><p>elections.</p> Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:10:04 +0000 Joyce Russell 10764 at Republicans Regroup Politics Day <p>After many in the GOP forecast a big win for Mitt Romney, it turns out he received fewer votes than John McCain did in 2008. Ben Kieffer talks with political experts, using&nbsp; a week of hindsight to tackle some of the biggest questions in the aftermath of the 2012 election.</p><p></p> Wed, 14 Nov 2012 19:09:43 +0000 Ben Kieffer 10743 at Politics Day Ron Paul Fans Stay Active in Local Politics, As Some Snub Romney <p>With the presidential election looming, hardly anyone is paying attention to Ron Paul anymore. The Texas Congressman ran for the GOP nomination, but has not endorsed his party’s nominee. In several places including the battleground state of Iowa, many of Paul’s supporters are still involved in politics – but not on behalf of Mitt Romney. As Iowa Public Radio’s Sarah McCammon reports, they’re keeping the focus close to</p><p></p><p>home.</p> Wed, 31 Oct 2012 12:53:00 +0000 Sarah McCammon 10065 at Ron Paul Fans Stay Active in Local Politics, As Some Snub Romney Romney rallies the base and the youth vote in Northwestern Iowa <p><span style="line-height: 115%; font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt; mso-fareast-font-family: Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA;">It’s the day after the conventions—do you know where you candidate is? If you guessed Iowa, you would be right. While President Obama stops at the University of Iowa, Republican Nominee Mitt Romney stumped at Northwestern College – a private Christian school. Fri, 07 Sep 2012 11:20:31 +0000 Sandhya Dirks 7711 at Romney rallies the base and the youth vote in Northwestern Iowa Romney visits Iowa <p>Iowa supporters of presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed up at a hotel in downtown Des Moines to get a firsthand look at the presidential candidate. Romney spent the majority of his speech talking economic issues.</p> Wed, 16 May 2012 11:00:00 +0000 Clay Masters 1798 at Romney visits Iowa Ron Paul still in the race for delegates <p>Ron Paul isn't expecting to get the GOP nomination. He says he'll no longer campaign in states that haven't held primaries. But he and his supporters are pushing for delegates in states like Iowa - who've already voted but have yet to award delegates at the state convention.</p> Tue, 15 May 2012 00:00:00 +0000 Sarah McCammon 1908 at Ron Paul still in the race for delegates Analyzing the Speech of GOP Hopefuls <p>As candidates for President continue to criss-cross Iowa, they are often delivering stump speeches that are very carefully crafted to use just the right words. But how those words are delivered can be just as important as the words they include.</p><p>Emily Woodbury, a talk show producer for Iowa Public Radio, worked with communication experts and political operatives to analyze the speech patterns of some of the candidates for the G-O-P nomination for president.</p><p></p> Tue, 20 Dec 2011 18:47:51 +0000 Emily Woodbury 12576 at Analyzing the Speech of GOP Hopefuls